A Scottish civil service?

For most the shape and structure of the civil service in Scotland is probably not at the most sexy end of the indy vision.

Those of us representing some 30,000 civil servants currently working for Westminster departments in Scotland take a different view. What sort of Scottish civil service envisioned in the Scottish Government’s white paper is key. That is why my union, the Public and Commercial Services Union is engaging all of our members in Scotland on what stance our union should take in the independence debate.

I attended, along with 299 other”civic Scotland” bods, the Scottish Government’s Independence White Paper Stakeholder Event on Monday. I got as far as holding the roving mic but then they run out time before my question was taken. Pity, because I was going to ask what guarantees can be given to that 30,000 cadre on transferring into an indy Scottish Government for the same guarantees on no compulsory redundancy, living wage and trade union facility enjoyed by current Scottish Government staff.

I have written about these matter extensively in Gregor Gall’s book Time to choose – is there a Scottish Road to Socialism and again the Red Paper Collective’s Class, Nation and Socialism. This morning, my response to how this is handled in the white paper was published by the Guardian Public Leader’s Network.

Of course there are also similar questions to be asked of those who argue for a federal UK structure, those seeking more devolution,  and also the diehards who support the status quo, because nothing stays the same.

I would be interested to know what others think.  Answers on a postcard please?


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