Daily Archives: October 31, 2017

Real change is coming

I have known Richard Leonard for 35 years.

Since we were Labour students, I have admired and been inspired by his political depth, vigour and commitment. His oratal flair is matched by his fluent written word, born of his political passion. Even when I have disagreed on issues with Richard,  it is with comradely respect because his beliefs, as mine, are rooted in the principles and practices of the labour and trade union movement.

Leonard is no career politician. He has spent his entire adult life fighting for working women and men before being elected to the Scottish Parliament in his 50s in 2016. He understands what it means to be a representative of working people.

PCS as a trade union is not affiliated to Labour. Yet like Jemy Corbyn and John McDonnell at the helm of the British Labour Party, a Leonard-led Scottish Labour Party will realise the potential for PCS policies and our members interests to be advanced. Richard himself  says he is too old to be a Corbynista, as he has always held these views.

The real change offered by Richard is more than a hash tag. Change that includes public ownership,  collectivism and redistribution of wealth. He understands the history of our movement and has vision for its future. He stands with workers on their picket lines not siding with the bosses in the board rooms.

This is the real change looks like.  Let’s make it happen. Here