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Step Aside Brother. Hear this

Solidarity greetings to all sisters on International Women’s Day!

I am delighted that PCS Union and the Scottish Trade Union Congress agreed to let me post a special Step Aside Brother message today on both of their sites. The message for PCS brothers is the same for the brothers of the wider movement in Scotland (and elsewhere)

Step Aside Brother is a deliberately provocative address directly to brothers in the trade union movement. It asks them to reflect on the multiple positions they hold, and Step Aside from just one position, role or responsibility and help a woman Step Up.

As Vice President of the Scottish TUC, I have fantastic support from President, Satnam Ner. Of course, as a black man in the trade union movement in Scotland, Satnam understands oppression, exclusion and under-representation. He came along and supported me when I spoke at Glasgow May Day last year, even though it was only a few short weeks after his taking up the leading role.

This is not the first time I have posted about Step Aside Brother, see here. And it won’t be the last either.

So, today, international women’s day. wish to pay a special Step Aside tribute to Satnam Ner. He is the third trade union brother I acknowledge as a man who knows how to Step Aside. The first two brothers from PCS know who they are and how their selfless positive stepping aside acts opened up space for women to step in.